Bulk Voice SMS Service Provider in Delhi NCR

Bulk voice sms is a great tool for all types of marketing businesses. Bulk voice sms services are a great marketing tool that can take your business to great heights. Are looking for effective means of communication to reach our customers and upcoming customers. Meta IT services is a service that you easy-to-use, efficient and lightning-fast bulk voice SMS service provider in Delhi NCR. Our voice messaging services include outbound dialing, inbound dialing, number masking, missed calls, voice SMS and IVR.

Bulk Voice SMS Service Provider

Bulk Voice SMS Service

IVR System

Intelligently route calls to the most appropriate teams and individuals with the best IVR.

Inbound IVR Service

Inbound IVR is used to handle a large amount of incoming calls. Main objective is to do effective call distribution and if possible provide solution

Voice OTP

Voice OTP service is a set of characters or numbers that is automatically generated and sent to the users mobile to verify the transaction or login session.

Missed Call Service

Missed call service is an easy way for a customer to contact you without spending a single penny.

Phone number Masking

Phone number masking feature allows the delivery agent to reach the call when needed without having access to the customer’s phone number

Outbound IVR Service

Outbound IVR System is a modern cloud telephony product that can place thousands of calls to your customer database within minutes.

Features of Bulk Voice SMS

Affordable Bulk Voice SMS Service Provider

Being one of the most reputable IT service providers of India, we have been catering our Bulk voice sms service provider in Delhi NCR for years now. With our straightforward prices and transparent services, we have been offering our remarkable Voice SMS plans to our customers in the cheapest price.

We provide our customers with recorder voice messages in various language and distribute them across the globe. We make sure that the voice SMS doesn’t sounds too mainstream and have a personal touch which will be help to attract the attention of the customers. Our entire range of plans comes in the most affordable rate as we believe that it is not necessary that a good service needs to come with a big price tag.

In this modern competitive market, staying a step ahead of the rest is necessary if you want your business to grow. And voice SMS is one such tool which spread the intent of your messages in the most accurate way

International Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS has brought a big change in advertising of products. This is the best way to advertise on digital media to achieve targeted geographic location. International bulk SMS service allows you to advertise your products abroad. It is very beneficial for the newly established organization as they require crores of rupees for advertising. Through international bulk SMS service they can advertise in very small quantities. Bulk SMS is one of the most powerful tools for marketing and promotion in Delhi. Meta IT services provide Bulk SMS Gateway in Delhi. Our web based Bulk SMS tool is very user friendly.

Two Way SMS

Through two-way SMS feedback, customers can easily send feedback on any product by typing on their mobile. Two-way SMS is sent on our servers. This is the cheapest and fastest way to get valuable customer feedback.

Bye two way SMS followings can be done

Complaint Submission – A Complaint SMS, Bulk Voice SMS Service Provider | International SMS Software | International bulk SMS can be offered by articles, which is actually the easiest way to communicate with the service provider. The complaint can be based on any kind of matter. This may be related to product malfunction, support requests, etc.

Buy product information of any product can be given through email marketing lists. This information requires the user to send a specific keyword to our server such as purchase email marketing list. Which will later be processed and appropriate response will be given to the requestor.

SMS gateway software

With SMS gateway software you can send bulk SMS to large consumers with just one mouse click. Its biggest advantage is that you can send multiple bulk SMS at very low cost. Bulk SMS software can reach up to 25,000 messages a minute and now is the time that companies are opening their eyes to this great marketing tool as it lets you get ahead of your competitors. Through SMS software, companies can send large numbers of SMS at very low cost.

Online SMS in Delhi NCR

Online SMS from the web is a new invention of the information age. One can generate a short message from the web Instead of a traditional mobile handset, you can register on Meta IT services to send bulk SMS to any operator in Delhi. Sending SMS to large numbers of people is very expensive. But if you ship it online it can be much cheaper.

SMS Marketing in Delhi NCR

SMS marketing is the newest method in today’s advertising world. Through SMS, marketing companies or sellers can reach a large number of populations. A large population of Delhi NCR has cell phones, so it will be very effective if we send SMS on cell phones.

International SMS software

International SMS software allows you to send bulk SMS to customers from multiple countries. It is very useful for multinational brands for advertising.

Premium SMS service

Premium messaging is an option to purchase or subscribe to messaging programs provided by third party content providers for a premium fee. The premium fee for subscription is monthly, while the premium fee is only one time. Many programs offer both one-time purchases and recurring subscriptions.

Examples of Premium Messaging Programmes are

Meta IT services are the fast and efficient. It also provides Bulk Voice SMS Service Provider in Delhi NCR Very low cost service. We have different package plans. You can choose as per your convenience.

Send SMS through website

If you want to send SMS to a single customer then it is very easy to send through cell phone but if you want to send SMS to multiple customers then it is very difficult to send it from your cell phone or we can say it is. Not only difficult but also very expensive. So if we send it through the website it will be very easy. Meta IT services com provides very efficient and low cost delivery of Bulk Voice SMS Service Provider .

Benefits of Voice SMS Service

Voice SMS is an innovative way to send your services and brand information in the target market. Voice SMS has special features to attract your customers and users. Voice SMS is a pre recorded voice send as normal SMS to the large audience.

It is more effective way to send information and promote your brands and services. It creates personal touch and maintain brand name in the market.It is an outbound dialer which makes multiple calls at a time. Our service comes with the feature of DNC numbers filtration. You can also send SMS at predefined date and time. Our services are fully secure and reliable. We offer bulk voice SMS service provider 24*7 . We offer 24*7