Bulk Voice Call Service Providers

Are you tired of the overhead costs of your marketing campaigns? Bulk voice calls a simple and reliable option? Our bulk voice call service provider in India can enhance your business prospects. Bulk Voice Calling is an effective marketing service to reach out to the targeted customer base. We provide reasonable and timely voice call service that can generate better marketing leads.

We use voice call or simple call to talk to our family, friends and other people. It has become a big part of our daily communication routine. The same concepts are adopted by service providers and a personalized means of selling a product or service is obtained. Mobile phone marketing provides a wide canvas to reach as many individuals who are interested in offers that save money and invite some added benefits. Thus, it becomes a reciprocal system of integrated communication, which becomes beneficial in some way or the other to everyone involved.

Bulk Voice Call Service Provider in India

How things work?​

There are professional phone dialing software systems that dial the customer’s number and, when the call is answered, play a recorded message. Now, advertising is a creative field, this recorded message is made with special efforts to catch the potential customer, focus on regional language and accent..

We provide quick, affordable, fastest and user friendly online system for bulk voice call service provider in India. It is a completely automated service and does not require human involvement to complete the process. So once it is properly set up with the input of the contact list and recorded message, the system automatically works efficiently. The system dials the recipient’s number and plays the pre-recorded voice message.

Bulk voice call service providers now allow you to broadcast a pre-recorded message to a large number of people. With its simple method, anyone can create their own audio messages which can be distributed to a large number of customers, keep track of records and earn profits. Overall, using a web-based phone calling service is one of the simplest, fastest, and most cost-effective ways to market products and services in modern times.

Meta it services is a bulk voice call service provider that provides maximum call delivery success in minimum time. Our Services may be used to send important announcements, alert or reminder notifications, social networking messages, promote company or marketing campaigns, and send the latest deals and product and service updates, among other things.

We ensure the fastest and most reliable bulk voice call transmission to a large number of customers. Some of the unique features of the bulk voice call service include audio clip uploading and recording as well as auto redialing of unsuccessful calls.

We provide bulk Voice Call Service at the most affordable prices. Our company is the largest provider of bulk voice transactional, promotional and marketing voice services in India. All voice messages are delivered At time. As bulk voice call service provider in Delhi NCR, We are providing innovative mobile calling services across India. Our bulk voice packages include all the capabilities

Key Features Of Bulk Voice Call Service

Benefits of Bulk Voice Call Service

Customer Friendly- 

Customer friendly is a term for products, services, and experiences that are designed from the customer’s perspective. If your target customer lives in a remote corner of the world, voice broadcasting allows you to personalize your language and message to suit that region.

Message Uniformity 

Voice broadcasting helps prevent this shortage by broadcasting voice recorded information after quality and reliability assurance from dedicated officials.


Schedule your recorded call consistent with the customer’s availability without affecting their already planned day.

Campaigns on a Click 

Running a campaign can be a very difficult task and tracking the history of thousands of calls without any manual effort is not that easy. Admin can also create different categories and assign different voice messages for a similar one to suit their requirement and issue multiple voice broadcasts at the same time to meet the needs of different customers.

Why Choose US

Why choose us as the best bulk voice call service provider in Delhi NCR? Meta IT services are a reputed IT firm with 5 years of experience in Bulk SMS, Voice Call, and IVR & Short Codes. We provide full-service marketing and business promotion. Meta IT services always provides the highest level of service to all its customers. Our success is determined by our ability to satisfy our customers. If you are looking for Bulk voice call service provider in Delhi to help promote your business then sign up with us to get the best service in Delhi and all over India.


What is bulk voice call service?

Bulk voice calls are pre-recorded voice messages delivered to mobile or landline networks across the country. Voice calls can be made to you anywhere in India with a pre-recorded voice message through a fully automated online system.

How do I make a bulk voice call?

Simply record the voice message, upload the mobile and landline numbers to make the call and click submit. The pre-recorded message will be sent to all the phone numbers in the list.

What are the benefits of bulk voice calls Service Provider?

A major advantage of bulk voice call technology is its high accessibility. With just a few clicks, thousands or even millions of individuals can be reached instantly through their mobile phones.

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